We gaurantee you that at ROOTS

We act positive to provide our customers with the highest possible level of customer service. We constantly seek better ways of providing improved added services. We seek to achieve technical expertise in order for our customers to trust and rely on our services. We respond to our customer's questions with accuracy and honesty at all times. We charge reasonable and competitive prices for all our products. We act consistently with accuracy at all times. We provide the services that are of the highest industry standard to our value customers.


Now expanding chain in Japan

Expert staffs are in charge.

We can ship Korean used cars and parts from Korea as well.


You can place your order of Japanese used car and parts at anytime.

Reasonable price used cars and parts because we buy from auction and general user.

You can get a car in 1 price!


Added services

Locating, identifying and purchasing good and well mantained used vehicles is our profession. Our experienced purchasing team researches the Japanese local market daily and hand pick each and every vehicle. We are licened members of several major auction houses throughout Japan, hence making our search for every request from our customers easer for our skilled purchasing team to source vehicles and used parts on the market.



Driving a quality car is a wonderful experience. We at ROOTS CO.LTD, ensures customers satisfication, and consistently exceed our customers expectations. Apart from offering a wide range of stocks we make the extra effort to find hard to lacate products. Our experienced sales team hand picks the best vehicles locally and at all the major auctions. Working hard at all times and staying aware of the changes and demands in the auto dealers and auctioneer's network. At ROOTS CO. LTD. we gaurantee all our customers quick and efficent services and a smooth transaction for all stages of your experience with us. We are specialists in the field that you can depend on for the quality products and services.


No need to worry about Shipping

You can be comfortable that your purchase will be handled with care and in the hands of professionals. We at ROOTS Co. Ltd. have direct connection with all the major shipping companies in Japan.